JeongHo Park

Creative Coder, Algorithmic Composer / Artist

JeongHo Park is responsible for most of the visualizations, for which he created a complex hard- and software system, based on openFrameworks, several creative Coding Tools (P5JS, ThreeJS, Processing), Max MSP and VVVV. As an artist his interest lies in interactive media and has specifically worked on sonification. His works have won several international awards and have been exhibited in Cologne, Karlsruhe, New York and Tokyo.
*1968 in Seoul, South Korea, lives in Trier
1992 – 2006 works as Musiccomponist and Music Studio Engineer
1999 – 2005 Lecturer in Sound- und Music Technology, DongAh University, KUNA, KyoungHee University and ChunkWoon University
2006 M.A. in Music Technologie, Korea National University of the Arts
Since 2013 Lecturer „Installation Laboratory“, Intermediales Design, Trier University of Applied Sciences
2016 M.A. in Intermedialem Design, Trier University of Applied Sciences

Exhibition & Live Performance
Lumeus, Design und Kulturtag Trier, Trier, Germany, Oct.2018
Binary patina 4, Illuminale 2018 Trier, Trier, Germany, Sep.2018
BitPixel Score, Nokta Festival Opole, Opole, Polan, Apr.2018
Binary patina 3, Illuminale 2018 Trier, Trier, Germany, Sep.2017
Silhouette Interference, Generator, Trier, Germany, Nov.2016
BitPixel Score, Platine Festival 2016, BunkerK101, Köln, Germany, Aug.2016
Binary Patina II, Design und Kulturtag Trier, Trier, Germany, Oct.2015
BitPixel, App Award 2015, ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany, Aug.2015
Boxes, FILE 2014 SP, Sao Paulo, Brazil, Aug.2014
Binary Patina, Design und Kulturtag Trier, Trier, Germany, Oct.2013
Robota Fabrik, Deutsche Museum, Bonn, Germany, May.2013
Boxes, PLATINE 2012, Köln, Germany, Aug.2012
Destroy Monolith, St. Pauluskirche, Trier, Germany, Sep.2012
Boxes, 2011 Celeste Prize, New York, United States, Dec.2011
Silhouette Interference, Europäische Kunstakademie, Trier, Germany, Sep.2011
Janus, Buga-Pavillon, Koblenz, Germany, Aug.2011
Sarkophag Interactive System, Rheinisches Landesmuseum, Trier, Germany, Apr.2011
A Day, Alte postgebäude, Trier, Germany, May.2010

Prize, Conference, Web & Book... etc
Scan Seq Web, Google Chrome Experiment, USA, Oct.2017
BitPixel, App, iOS, Nov.2015
Boxes, Beyond The Display - Book, Japan, Jun.2015
Boxes, 16th Japan Media Art Festival July Select, Japan, Feb.2013
Boxes, 2011 Celeste Prize - Finalize, Dec.2011
Destroy Monolith, 2010 Celeste Prize - Finalize, Dec.2010
Silhouette Interference, ISEA 2010, Ruhr, Germany, Feb.2010

M.A., Intermediales Design, Hochschule Trier, 2016
M.A., Music Technology, Korea National University of Arts, 2006

Installation Laboratory, Intermediales Design, Hochschule Trier, 2013-2019
Processing, Prototyping, Interactive Installation, Co-Work
Sound Technic, Sound Design, DongAh Uni, 2000-2005
Music Composition, ChungWoon Uni, 2000-2003
Music Technic, KUNA, KyoungHee Uni, ChunkWoon Uni, 1999-2005
Max MSP, ProTools
Copyright © 2008 by JeongHo Park.
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